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Yaima’s third album “Antidote” (2018) was carefully crafted as a journey, a pulsing and fluctuating expanse of soundscapes entwined through the delicacies of human emotion. From start to finish this album is a portrayal of the element of fire, the dance of passion and renewal, the deep inner work of intention and the cultivated patience of devotion. Born of an ancient tune, layered in time - “Antidote” was written as a way to rekindle the spark of inspiration and new growth, the idea of transmutation and the power of transformation. These stories have come to life through the lessons and reflections written in the turning flames, wildfires, volcanic activity, the rising smoke, and by the warmth of the Earth's Heart. The Dragonfly is generally associated with Transformation, Change and Adaptability, Joy, and Lightness of Being. It is a powerful symbol of the realm of emotions, an invitation to dive deeper into what is felt, and a reminder to reconnect with Nature.


released December 29, 2018

The word itself comes from the root meaning “to breathe”. This Album was inspired by you, the listeners, the teachers, the weavers, the healers and manifestors - Thank you for Breathing Life into the stories, harmonies, prayers and rhythms. Each song has been seeded by a single spark, fueled by passion, creativity, and careful attendance so that we may all enjoy the warmth radiated by these flames.

( ( ( GRATITUDE ) ) )

Many thanks to:
Dave Hoover (Harp), Youssoupha Sidibe (Kora), Mike Ji (Cajon), Geoff Ott (Recording @ London Bridge Studios - Seattle, WA),
Album Artwork - Simon Haiduk
Mixing - Bluetech / Evan Bartholomew
Mastering - Shawn Hatfield
Element of Fire- for Passion, Inner Light & Motivation
“Cinis” dedicated to Yumi Mun

Special thanks to Mitch, Alicia & Allie Hampton, Jesse Lovan & Lisa Stiles, Halfmoon Haven, Kurt Danby, Gleb Kholodov, Timothy Austin, Audio Alchemy, Sustainable Samurai, Danielle Bellavita, Finca Morpho, Susie Shipman, Carly Grace, Sheri Herndon, Darin Leong, Kari Champoux, Charlie Caddock, Jonas Ketterle, Dave Hoover, Jordan Furrow, Everett Keithcart, Tanya Devine, Milo Hayden, The community at “CoSM”, Alex & Allyson Grey, Cascadian Family, Snowgrass Lodge, Hernan Savastano & Angela Sucich, Simon Haiduk, Jane Calm and all our friends, family and fans who supported this vision through the Kickstarter- we couldn’t have done it without you!!


all rights reserved



Yaima Seattle, Washington

Creating a finely tuned container for their audience, members- Masaru Higasa (Guitar, flutes, handpan) and Pepper Proud (guitar & vocals) weave an intricate and soothing musical journey... traversing soundscapes with a familiar yet ancient tune.

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Track Name: Rise
If you're searching
for the answer
to the riddle
here on Earth,

The Riddle’s
gone unanswered
from the moment
of it’s birth.

for the answer
so many
would pursue,
in favor
of their honor
she provided
just one clue.

Rise up
from the ashes
you decide
which way to go,
either up,
or side ways,
then you’ll need
to know.

You will Rise,
like a flame,
Rise live again,
you will rise
like a flame
rise live again.
Track Name: Antidote
A Potent Wave,
Begins to Conspire,
Secured by the Source,
Inner Fire.
Turn to the Ones,
Who Light and Inspire,
Continue Transmuting,
Emit and Admire.

One Star Away, Will Radiate
One Star Away, Will Radiate

Go in Alignment,
Each Cycle Will Decide,
Amending an Old Code,
Diversify the Guide.
Finding an Answer,
Following the Tide,
Aligning the Circuit,
Bridging the Divide.

One Star Away, Will Radiate
One Star Away, Will Radiate

The Smallest Taste of Poison
Makes the Antidote

One Star Away, Will Radiate
One Star Away, Will Radiate
Track Name: Morpho
Existence is Ceaseless,
Foundation of Earth,
Catches the Water
Feeds us from Birth
Constant Revival
Ancient the Medicine
Born in the Moment
Familiar Genesis
Brought to the End,
Thread was Unstrung
One step at a Time
Center the Foothold
Decided the Course
By whats left Behind
The journey Begins
From what is Inside.

Willing a Moment,
To Pause and Observe here ,
Engaging with Life,
Growing around Us,
Fuel for the Passion,
Abundant, Generous,
Yielding a Harvest,
Fine tuning the System,
Realizing the Offering,
Nothing is Wasted,
Balanced Perspective,
Till each heart is Honored,
Continue with Patience,
Increasing the Spectrum,
Challenge the Borders,
Expanding Collective.

Trusting, Patience, Devotion
Track Name: Ke Ahi
One final word
lasted a thousand years
born of the raging sea the land,
one truth be told
an echo always ringing
disrupted silence
of the night.

Ka ula o
Ka ula o ke ahi
Ka ula o ke ahi o

Fathered by light,
mothered in womb of darkness,
born of the opposites a dance,
a kindred heart,
glowing below the surface,
grandmother offering of life.

Ka ula o
Ka ula o ke ahi
Ka ula o ke ahi o

If nothing lasts,
is taken back,
release attachment to the plan,
what once was fixed,
evaporates around her,
the wild earth unclaimed by man.

Ka ula o
Ka ula o ke ahi
Ka ula o ke ahi o
Track Name: Encender
Ya empezo
Ya desperto
Ya regreso
La voz de la tierra grito

A dar la luz,
A ver el mar,
A concentrar,
El ritmo, la respiración

Out was taking all these tears,
Back through the forest and through all the years,
Taking away the cold from my bones
Leading on back to the one I love.

Unwinding a yielding heart opens a door
Do you remember what we’ve been sent for?
By morning the rain wash away the sunrise
Wondering where we been lost for a while.
Track Name: Miryo
To guide it,
the sage says,
unburden the witness,
learn in the moment,
beginning the process,
and through it arises,
polished and wisend,
burns in the essence,
finally awaken.

Water is falling
fire is rising
signal from earth
activate the uprising,
addressing the tension,
forces of nature,
direct the light
focus the aperture
given the grace
to develop awareness
feeding the fire
revoking the carelessness
not in an instant
commit to refinement
adjusting the model
to be more resilient.

All of these dreams
that have come through our home
will be made out of bone
will be etched in the stone

And all of the tales
that have come through our mind
will be faded in time
will yours now to find
Track Name: Shoku
Could it be there comes a new reign?
Introduced a Sovereign Siren,
Waiting for the culmination,
To reveal all the illusion.


Momentary Pause of Starlight,
Shapes a new frame for the mind’s eye,
In the context of division,
Deeper yet- reticulation


Captivated by the Cheshire
Grinning wildiy from behind her,
Filigree of light will dance out,
Now the crown shines all around -
The Queen.

Track Name: Cinis
Allow all your Worries,
To Dissipate,
The sun and its light
Are one in the Same,
Our Questions
Are Answers
Disguised in clever Themes,
No Thought comes from Nothing
We Dream the same Dream.

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